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Pediatric Collections: Ethics Rounds

A Casebook in Pediatric Bioethics

Edited by by American Academy of Pediatrics, and Dr. John D. Lantos M.D.

American Academy of Pediatrics

ISBN-13: 978-1610023665

The ethical issues that arise in pediatrics vary drastically from those in other clinical settings because young children cannot make decisions for themselves. This essential collection presents a series of cases that highlight some ethical dilemmas that arise in pediatrics including End-of-Life Decisions; When Doctors and Parents Have Different Philosophies; Ethical Issues in Genomics; Ethical Issues Surrounding Permanent Severe Disability in Childhood; Research Ethics; and Issues in Law and Health Policy. This collection is intended to be a starting point for a discussion on pediatric bioethics and a reference when reflecting on similar cases.

Read cases that highlight pediatric ethical dilemmas including End-of-Life Decisions; Different Doctor-Parent Philosophies; Ethical Issues in Genomics; Permanent Severe Disability in Childhood; Research Ethics; and Issues in Law and Health Policy; and more!


"This is an excellent, clinically relevant series of cases involving medical ethics in pediatrics compiled and edited by the premier pediatric medical ethicist John Lantos. Clinicians, physicians, and pediatric providers in training will learn basic principles of bioethics in a medical context using a case-based or casuistic approach. The introduction presents the basics of bioethics and subsequent sections present cases involving end-of-life decisions, different philosophies, genomics, severe disability, research ethics, and law and health policy. Each case is a clinical story, and anyone involved with the clinical care of pediatric patients will be able to identify with and embrace. As a pediatrician with over 30 years of clinical experience as a neonatologist, pediatric intensivist, hospitalist, and apnea doctor, I learned a lot and relived a number of clinical situations in reading this excellent book. It should be available in every pediatric medical library as well as in units caring for critically ill pediatric patients." - Joseph Hageman, MD, FAAP
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

About the Author

John Lantos Portrait

John Lantos grew up in the rugged mountains of western Pennsylvania coal country. His father, a physician, was his childhood hero and role model.  His mother, a poet at heart, inspired him to become a writer.  He is an award-winning pediatrician, a prolific author, a beloved teacher, and an inspirational speaker.


Lantos was a resident in DC during the national controversy about Baby Doe, a baby with Down Syndrome.  That sparked a lifelong interest in bioethics and led to a post-doc fellowship at The University of Chicago. There, his groundbreaking work on neonatal bioethics and health policy led to leadership roles as Chief of General Pediatrics and Associate Director of the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, and Associate Editor of Pediatrics.  Fifteen years ago, he moved to Kansas City to create and develop the Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center. 

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